Tao Song: A Journey of Awakening Soul, Heart, Mind and Body

Taught by Sher O’Rourke, Dr. & Master Sha’s Leading Teacher for Tao Song

Course 1 Starting on Monday, February 5 | 3 - 4:30 pm ET

There is something so universal about singing.

Singing and chanting have always been a significant part of human experience. From modern-day artists to ancient sages, people from all walks of life have used the sacred art of sound to celebrate and connect. 

Now, what if this universal art could also be used to tap into a higher-frequency healing and transformative power?

What if it could help align with your true self and highest potential….

You don’t have to take us at our word - discover it for yourself through Tao Song with Sher O’Rourke!

Course 1 Starting on Monday, February 5 | 3 - 4:30 pm ET

Included with your registration:
1 Tao Light Treasure

Taught by Sher O’Rourke, Dr. & Master Sha’s Leading Teacher for Tao Song

What makes Tao Song so unique?

Tao Song is sacred sound combined with the purest frequency of Tao Source. It could help transform one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health profoundly.


You’re a sound healer - and you’re looking for ways to activate your voice further as a direct channel for the universal frequencies to bring positive change to others.

You’re a singer - and you’re exploring different ways to elevate your voice and unlock new layers of vocal gifts to create a powerful transcendental experience for others.

You want to feel empowered. You feel called to embody and exercise the power of your own voice in a deeper way.

You desire for more joy and celebration! Wanting to feel greater happiness, harmony, and connection is a perfect reason for seeking out Tao Song.

Or maybe you’re curious… Seeking to discover, open, and develop the potential you carry inside you!

But here’s the most fantastic thing… You don’t need to be “good” at singing to enjoy all that Tao Song has to offer. 

Anyone can apply the power of Tao Song to feel empowered & create healing transformations. 

Tao Song: A Journey of Awakening Soul, Heart, Mind and Body

Course 1 Title: Tao Song: A Path to Health & Happiness

A 4-week course to offer you the foundational wisdom of Tao Song and activate your inner transformative power to enhance health. Will include in-depth 90-minute teachings and real-time practice of time-tested practices that can elevate your wellbeing and help you bring out the authentic expression of your true self.

Class 1 You’ll embark on a journey to understand the Tao (the ultimate Source and Creator), your profound connection to Tao, and what Tao Song can do for you in transforming physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Monday | February 5 | 3 - 4:30 pm ET

Class 2 You’ll begin to learn the techniques and sacred mantras for bringing out your own unique Tao Song. This week will strengthen your foundation so that you can begin to connect with Tao through song or sacred mantras, and explore the high frequency and vibration of universal love and light.

Monday | February 12 | 3 - 4:30 pm ET

Class 3 You’ll be introduced to the sacred energetic pathway that exists in your body, activating which serves as a direct channel to Tao. The practices in this week will empower you to open this channel, so that you can begin to actualize your innate potential for happiness and more.

Monday | February 19 | 3 - 4:30 pm ET

Class 4 You’ll delve into the transformative aspects of Tao Song in relation to enhancing health and well-being. The final week will be an exploration of how Tao Song and sacred sound practices tap into infinite possibilities of facilitating the energetic spaces within the body.

Monday | February 26 | 3 - 4:30 pm ET

Meet Your Teachers

Sher O’Rourke

Sher O’Rourke is a Leading Teacher of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, as well as a Tao Song Teacher and Singer certified by Tao Academy. With a diverse background and skill sets, Sher has worked professionally for 27 years in theatre and film in many capacities, as well as a Spiritual Counselor. 

As a leading teacher, Sher has assisted in training thousands of Tao practitioners worldwide through Tao Academy.

In 2004, a serious case of chronic fatigue syndrome led her to find Master Sha, whose techniques and blessings healed her completely of the condition. This healing process involved Tao Calligraphy, Tao Song and Tao Light transmissions. Sher is dedicated to bringing these special practices and teachings to others who would like to discover their true healing nature and potential for greater health and happiness.



 - Kiran C.

Sher’s stunning voice is such a blessing! Wow, it was like watching the clouds move away to allow the light in!


 - Robyn D.

Sher’s Tao Song is such a powerful vehicle for healing.


 - Judy S.

The blessing from Sher’s Tao Song felt like a healing balm for my whole body.


 - R.W.

It got me so profoundly connected to my inner self. The Tao Song practice with Sher allowed me to stop overthinking and my voice came out so very naturally and easily. I am not an opera singer but I felt like one!


 - L.D.

Sher, your voice and its vibrations heal me in the deepest ways. Very rich practices, and they made me so happy!.


 - M.J.

So joyful singing with Sher! Everything opens up in a different way, and it really feels like there is divine presence when we all sing our Tao Song together!.


 - R.D.

Amazing how subtle the voice is yet how powerfully it impacts our wellbeing at all levels. Thanks for your skilled, inspired teaching, Sher!


 - M.W.

Through Tao Song, you led me more to who I really am. Makes me happy to have learned from you Sher!


 - Oi Lin Y.

Despite having a pain cutting across my throat when I sing, I registered for the Tao Song course with Sher. The course gave me new confidence as a healer. Sher cleared the blockage in my throat by teaching me to sing some sacred sounds. It worked! I was ecstatic. But not only was it improving my singing but I was also getting healed of a chronic ailment related to my tailbone


 - Diane F.

Sher helped me connect to my own Tao Song. It opened me to healing an early childhood trauma that I thought was forgotten and resolved. Applying Tao Song created a safe way of releasing those suppressed blockages. Sher also gave me specific blessings to help transform the hurt quickly and restore my peace and joy

Tao Song: A Journey of Awakening Soul, Heart, Mind and Body

Taught by Sher O’Rourke, Dr. & Master Sha’s Leading Teacher for Tao Song

Course 1 Starting on Monday, February 5 | 3 - 4:30 pm ET

Join us for only $95 CAD

Included with your registration: 1 Tao Light Treasure


What is Tao?

Tao” is the name given by Lao Zi, author of Dao De Jing, for the Ultimate Source and Creator of everything that exists. Since all things come from Tao, the essence and qualities of Tao are in everyone and everything. Tao is oneness, and has a quantum field of the highest frequency and vibration, with most-positive information, energy, and matter.

What is a Tao Light Treasure?

It is a permanent download of higher-dimensional Tao light, love and purest positive frequency. Think of it as an immensely powerful spiritual tool that you can activate anytime with your intention, to create transformation in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. During the Tao Song Course 1, you will be gifted 1 Tao Light Treasure for one organ, or one system or one part of the body as part of the registration.

I’m not a “good” singer - is Tao Song still for me?

Yes! Tao Song is for EVERYONE—professional and amateur alike—who desire to develop their song and self-transformation abilities. This is a welcoming and inclusive experience open to anybody who feels the call to join.

I’ve attended before, can I join again?

Yes, you can! Joining more than once is a great way to review the wisdom and practices in a deeper way, and receive further blessings to elevate your Tao Song power. 

I already have my Tao Song activated. Is this 4-week course right for me?

Yes! This program teaches a spiritual framework for developing and activating your Tao Song abilities in a greater way.

I can’t make it live - will there be recordings of the LIVE classes?

Yes. While we highly recommend showing up live to get the full experience, if you need to miss any sessions, you’ll have complete access to the replay.
Everyone who registers will receive access to watch replay for 2 weeks after the 4-week Course ends (until Monday, March 11, 11:59 pm ET). 

When does registration close?

Registration closes on Tuesday, February 12, 11:59 pm ET. If you register after classes have begun, you can catch up watching the replay!

Can I become certified in Tao Song?

Yes! But that’s separate from this program. After completing this program, if you feel the call to pursue full certification in the Tao Song modalities, we offer a Tao Song Practitioner Training Program. Connect with our team privately for more information.

Does this Tao Song Program have several courses?

Yes, it has 3 Courses.

Is Course 1 a prerequisite to attending Course 2?


Is Course 2 a prerequisite to attending Course 3?


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